Whilst out walking today, I saw countless ferns, growing stronger, and taller, in the glorious weather we are enjoying at the moment. And as the ferns grew, and unfurled, there was the Koru logo. It was everywhere! And it made me think about why I chose Koru as the name for the gym, and why it’s even more relevant now.
Koru is Mãori for loop, or coil, and it symbolises new life, growth, strength, and peace. It was when i was at my lowest with my depression that I first really took an interest in the Koru, and for some reason it struck a chord with me. The reassurance that regardless of how bad things are, they can, and will improve.
When an area of woodland is devastated by wildfire, the first thing you will see growing through the scorched soil, is the fern. It has strong roots, and will survive whatever is thrown at it, and come back just as strong, if not stronger. In the same way, Koru Gym will come through this period of uncertainty,and come through stronger, because we have amazing staff, and amazing members, who through all of this, have been messaging me, and offering support, as they want to see us survive, and reopen, and get back to offering the same superb ‘home from home’ that we had before the lockdown.
So keep safe, keep your distance, and don’t break the government’s rules, and we will be back very soon!
That’s all the deep and thought provoking, gushy stuff you’ll hear from me for a while so don’t worry! I’ll put up some pictures later of some big, hairy-backed strongmen lifting cars, to make you all feel more at ease!

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