Olympic Lifting

The barbell snatch and the barbell clean and press are amazing exercises. When it comes to developing speed, athleticism, and total-body power, there are very few exercises that can touch them. These two lifts will engage practically every muscle in your body, encouraging fast and slow twitch fibres to react due to their explosive movements. So, the perfect exercises! So why do we not see them being performed more often?

My feeling is that it’s two-fold. Firstly, it looks quite scary. Watching someone throw 100kgs over their head and stand there proudly with their arms locked out will make you think ‘wow’, closely followed by ‘what if he drops it’, and finally ‘I couldn’t do that!’ Secondly, they are difficult to master. It’s relatively easy to sit on a machine and perform your reps. It’s a lot harder to work your way through the stages involved to clean and press. However, like most things in life, the harder you work to achieve something the greater the satisfaction. That’s why we are here!!



Koru has quickly become known as the place to come if you want to train Strongman, with people travelling from all over the South East to train here. Our equipment is made by Rebel Strength, the best manufacturer in the country, and we have everything you could want. But why train with strongman equipment in the first place? Well, strongman training takes everything back to basics. Picking up heavy, often awkward, weights, and moving them from A to B, and there is something deeply satisfying about it. Very primal, very basic, it works your body in every way possible, but something that will give you a level of strength you probably never thought possible.



If you’re looking at this website, chances are you already know what a kettlebell is. Just on the off chance that you’re new to kettlebell training then let me explain the basics. A kettlebell is basically a cannonball with a handle, and it provides you with a training sensation and results which are, I feel, unobtainable with any other type of training method. Traditional weight training can help build muscle and strength, interval training can give you your cardio workout, and yoga and pilates can provide great core strength and flexibility. However none of these can cover all of these areas as successfully as the kettlebell. Combine with that the fun of throwing weights around, and you’ll soon discover why kettlebells are the number one tool for strength, fitness, and fat loss.


Personal Training

There are many reasons why someone may decide to work with a personal trainer. They may struggle with motivation, may be lost under the endless ‘advice’ on training and nutrition, you may need help moving your training on to the next level. Whatever the reason, it is an investment, physically and mentally, as well as financially. That’s why it is important to make sure that you pick a trainer that will help you achieve your goals. Here at Koru, our trainers are second to none in their knowledge, and ability to motivate you, and help you progress.

Client Testimonials