The reason for starting Koru was simple..

I wanted to create a gym that allowed everyone to train, and achieve their goals, in the best way possible for them! Not somewhere that just looks the part (although it certainly does!), or stocks equipment because it’s the current trend. Just 4,500sq ft where, regardless of your aim, you can achieve it. The equipment has been made especially for us. Fabricated here in the UK to my specification. Designed to enable every member to be successful.


A great gym needs great direction..

Which is why the team here is, I feel, among the best you will find anywhere in the country! Our trainers cover all backgrounds, whether your aim is to take part in competitive sport at the highest level, lose weight, pose on stage, or just be able to live your day to day life in a happy and healthy way. We can help you. The difference is we are not here just as a job. We love what we do! We don’t clock off and forget about things. We are constantly thinking about our members and how we can improve. We make sure that we are up to date with training, fitness, and nutrition education. We are continually studying with the best to make ourselves better, and we know how to separate the facts from the fiction to ensure that we provide you with the best support we can.
I hope reading this have given you the confidence to take the next step, which is to come in to see us. It’s a step I am positive you won’t regret.


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