Dear all,
I hope everyone is bearing up as well as possible during these difficult times.
As you can imagine, we have been working flat out, doing all that we can, to ensure that Koru is in the strongest possible position to get through this unprecedented situation, and can come out the other side, ready to reopen as soon as we are able to.
Just as we are concerned about the upcoming weeks, we know that you are equally concerned. Therefore, we have today arranged for all membership payments to be frozen with immediate effect, to ease any worries you may have over your personal financial outgoings.
Many of you have said that you wish to support us during this period by keeping your memberships going. If you do wish to do this, I thank you. It’s an offer that is greatly appreciated. In fact, more than you can imagine. If you email me on, I can arrange for your payments to carry on being taken. However, if you are unable to, please don’t feel bad, as I know many of you are worried about what lies ahead.
We will review the situation periodically, and update you accordingly

Stay strong and keep healthy