As you will all now be aware ( does this sound familiar? ), Boris has just announced that all Tier 3 areas, which includes Hertfordshire, will be moved to Tier 4. As a result, we need to close Koru tonight, and we are unsure of when we will be allowed to reopen. To say this is disappointing is obviously an understatement, as, due to your efforts, we have kept Koru clean, and COVID free this whole time. However, when you look at the figures for the country, its the right thing to do.

  • As before, all memberships will be frozen, so please do not cancel your direct debits
  • Once we know a reopening date, everyone will be notified by email that their memberships will be unfrozen
  • If, as before, any of you would like to keep your memberships going, firstly, thank you. Your support is really welcomed. Can I please ask you to email or text me rather than verbally tell me ( I’m old and I forget things easily ). We must freeze all memberships, so you will receive a message to say your membership has been , followed by another to say that it has been reinstated.

As disappointing as all this is. we need to remember that it is temporary, and I’m aware that many of you are self employed, and so will be having your own worries. Please look after yourselves, look out for others, and keep safe.

Everyone at Koru wishes you a happy, and safe Christmas, and we will see you all soon.