Koru Gyms 1st powerlifting meet – open to all

Men <85kg, <105kg, <120kg, 120 kg+
Women <60kg, <75kg, <85kg, 85kg+

These weight classes may alter slightly once we have the competitors details.

Payments are non transferable and non refundable. Please pay £25 through PayPal to:


Make sure to include your name, contact number, and T-Shirt size


Squat, Bench, Deadlift.
You will have three attempts at each event.

Weigh in approx. an hour before commencement.

Squat – Depth is to be judged as the hip crease below the knee (just below parallel). Commands are start, and rack. Rack is when the front judge is happy that the squat is complete. In any lift, a missed command is a missed lift.

Bench – Head, shoulders and bum must always on the bench. Feet need to be in contact with the floor. The commands are start, press (after a 1sec pause), and rack.

Deadlift– At a complete lockout, ref will call ‘down’. The bar cannot be dropped, and must be put down to complete the lift.

Head Referee – Francesco Angelini

Cost to enter is £25. Competition t-shirts will be provided, as will winners prizes

This is not an IPF affiliated competition.


1. Lewis Woodley         XL

2. Ben Smith.               3XL

3. Callum Sims.            XL

4. Steph Mainstone     S

5. Alice Smith.              S

6. Siva ramachandran XXL

7. Harry Moore.            XXL

8. Deb Tiernan.            S

9. Josh Jeffery.            XXL


Please can I ask all competitors to be at Koru for 1pm to weigh in, and discuss opening lifts, so we are ready for a 2:30pm start. Many thanks