1. Suggestion box gets updated more frequently

As you can see, there is now a separate page for the suggestion box responses. I cant see any point in answering more than once a month, but as I’ve pointed out before, you can always come and talk to me.

  1. Tanning bed

Never been a great fan of tanning beds due to health reasons. If there is a new healthy one, or even a spray tan option that would work then I’d consider it. I’ll look into it further.

  1. Mezzanine floor for CV equipment = more gym space.

Agree this would be a good idea. I am getting someone in to give us a quote. However, I don’t want to stray from the original plan regarding member numbers, and a big expenditure like that would mean we need more members. It’s something that I was keen on from the start, and something that we sold the gym on. I feel there is an amazing atmosphere at Koru. We have a mixture of people with a mixture of goals, and yet everyone gets on, there is no posing, no conflict, and everyone seems happy to help each other.

  1. Commercial grade benches for DB

The original benches were not great, I agree. The new ones were bought in as a replacement and I feel they are good benches. As with all equipment, we all have tried one make which we prefer, but I feel these do the job.

  1. Koru clothing for members to buy

Something we are looking into

  1. Member voting system

Not sure what this means. Please come and speak to me to let me know what you want to vote on.

  1. Hammer strength v squat machine – because they are awesome!

V Squat machines are good, but, unless I’m mistaken, they basically allow you to place more emphasis on your quads whilst squatting. I’d rather spend the money and space on something that offers something new to everyone.

  1. Rings inside weights! They are a real annoyance.  Also stronger grips for cables

The weights without the rings are a pain. We were let down prior to opening and I needed to get weights in in time, and the only ones available were without rings. These are still perfectly usable, but will be replaced in time.

  1. Member notice board

Happy to do this. Again, please come and speak to me to tell me what exactly it is you are after.

  1. Member voting system for new equipment

Not sure if this is the same as number 6. In short, this is not a viable option. Commercial equipment can cost several thousands of pounds so why have members decide they want something which I can’t justify spending the money on. As many of you know, if you talk to me, and I agree that it’s a benefit to the gym as a whole, I’ll purchase it.

  1. Nutritionist

Again, more details needed. All of our trainers are qualified in nutrition, and there is also an external nutritionist that we recommend. Come and speak to me about it.

  1.  Member of the month feature on FB page

Happy to do this if its wanted and you haven’t just suggested it because you think you’ll get it!

  1. Koru tshirts

See number 5

  1. V squat machine

See number 7

  1. Paper hand towels in the changing rooms

The reason we have towels and not paper towels is because many people, especially of the male species, seem incapable of placing their toilet paper into the toilet correctly, so god know what would happen with paper towels. We are installing hot air dryers though.

  1. Rich Guy’s non stop screaming playlist

Two hopes. Whilst I admit my music taste is unique, I’m happy to have any genre of music playing. My only two rules are that there is a tune, and that we are able to hear the lyrics. Screaming like you have just caught a delicate body part in the leg press does not qualify!

  1. Outside basketball hoop – members bring their own ball

We are a gym!

  1. Fix showers

There are always problems with any business on a daily basis. We fix everything as soon as we can. Again, more detail would be nice.

  1. Stairmaster

Sorry but not a fan so these won’t be appearing!

  1. Preloaded barbells or short bar

I can’t see the point in buying preloaded barbells which will take up space and money when you can just put a plate on a bar yourself?

  1. New racks for weights

Whats wrong with our current racks? The only problem I have come across is the inability of certain members to replace the weights on them. This isn’t going to change if we use the current racks or new ones.