NEW WEEKEND MEMBERSHIP £25 – Over the past four years, we have been lucky enough to have people travel from all over the country, leaving their ‘normal’ gyms, to use Koru at the weekends. We have built up such a great reputation for both our staff, and our levels of equipment, that we will regularly be visited by powerlifters, strongmen and women, the worlds strongest woman, as well as people who just want to train somewhere better, alongside people that will lift their game, as well as offer them help and advice. As a way of saying thank you, we are introducing a new weekend membership. We will be limiting this to 25 places to start with, so don’t waste time. Sign up and become part of the best gym in this, and any other, area. #korugym #thekoruway #bestgyminstortford #bestgyminhertfordshire #bishopsstortford  #bestkeptsecretinbishopsstortford #strongman #strongwoman #whereeverybodyknowsyourname #fitfam #iifym