Time to officially welcome Chris to Koru Gym. Some of you will know Chris anyway through his role as head Physio at Bishop’s Stortford Rugby Club, or his work at the Rivers Hospital, but he has now opened his own clinic at Koru Gym.

Chris has written a small bio, which is attached, to introduce himself, but with all these things, the best option is to pop in for a chat!

I qualified as a physiotherapist in 1999 and have since worked with patients in the NHS, as well as privately and in sports.
As the head physiotherapist at Bishops Stortford Rugby Club, I have been working with players with an extremely high level of physical and sporting ability; and as a physiotherapist at the Rivers Hospital, I have successfully treated thousands of people with all manner of aches and pains from headaches and jaw problems to big toe pain, as well as almost all parts in between! I also treat people who have had surgery, effectively rehabbing them back to ‘normal’ or their chosen sports and with this I have developed excellent relationships with local leading hip, knee, spine, ankleand shoulder surgeons.
My more recent studies have included a Post Graduate Certificate in Sports Exercise; and the study of neurokinetics, an extremely powerful technique that identifies the bodies faulty compensations and corrects these, which can have profound effects on pain, discomfort and ability very quickly.
One very important thing I ensure is that people I treat understand what their problem is, as this is crucial to being able to change the situation. I am always very mindful to respect peoples dignity and aim to make people as comfortable as possible, which helps to create an atmosphere where people can be treated as effectively as possible. I hope you will allow me to help you with your problem.