Haven’t had many ‘proper’ suggestions for a while, so I’ve been saving them up. Guess that’s a good sign, and means that in general, you’re happy! Anyway, latest batch of suggestions and feedback:

Bench/free weight area

Lots of comments about this area. Some positive, some negative. Never going to be in a situation where we please everyone, but the good thing about this area is that its flexible. So as long as you are respectful, and put things back after, feel free to move things around. We will keep looking for ways to improve it, and always welcome feedback.

Standing Calf Machine

Something that has been discussed before. One of the main things people seem to like about Koru is the space. There are countless machines that would be good to have, but you have to balance this off against lack of space to train. We have the seated calf raise, the leg press, as well as the stairs, so plenty of ways to train calves. Sorry !

Bosu Ball/Swiss Ball

I give in! I have always been against having these as you know it won’t be long before someone is doing barbell shoulder presses whilst standing on one, to ‘increase the engagement of core muscles’, but I do also understand their rehab benefits, so I will get a couple in. However, as soon as I see someone standing on one……..

Change music

OK, will say this again. The playlist is a members playlist. We have over 350 songs which have been asked for by members. We do occasionally change them, but if there is something you’d like, let us know and we’ll add it.

Get some ladders

No idea what the means so please come and see us and explain further.

Another EZ bar

Again, please come and see us to explain. We have two, and they are very rarely being used at the same time. Is this an extra one, or a different type?