If you know anything about weight training, powerlifting, and the true strongmen of this world, you will have heard of Andy Bolton! Competing in power lifting for over 20 years, these are just some of his achievements:

Strongest British and European Powerlifter ever
7 times WPC World Champion
2 time WPO Champion
WPO Runner-up once
British Powerlifting Champion 15 times
7th Place at The Arnold Classic Strongman
1 of only 13 men to Deadlift over 410kg/900lbs in a Powerlifting competition
33 competition Deadlifts over 410kg/900lbs
First man to ever Deadlift over 1000lbs (Guinness World Record)
2 competition Deadlifts over 1000lbs (1003lbs and 1008lbs)
1 of only 5 men to Squat over 545kg/1200lbs
4th highest Squat of all time (550.5kg/1213.6lbs)
3rd highest Total of all time (2806lbs/1273kg)

I’m pleased to announce that Andy will be at Koru Gym, Bishop’s Stortford, on the 19th September to hold a seminar on Powerlifting, taking you through every aspect of lifting, physical and mental. Every single one of you will benefit from this seminar!


The day will be approximately 4 hours and will consist of:

  • Activation before lifting / why we should activate / how to activate pre lifting / use of tools to aid in activation, these activation methods are used for squat bench and Deadlift.
  • The Deadlift / how to set up the Deadlift, conventional vs. sumo / identifying weak or sticking points, what it looks like and how this will feel/how to train those weak areas to improve max strength (use of assistance / mindset for lifting / common faults /we will break down each person’s technique and take you through some load on the bar to identify weak points under load.
  • Squat : how to set up the squat / high bar vs. low bar / wide vs. close foot position / how to identify weak areas / how to train those weak areas / raw vs. equipped lifting / the use of bands and chains / discuss the Westside method / how to program your squats / use of front squats to improve other lifts.
  • Bench: the set up on bench / why we use the arch / how to grip the bar properly (this is never gets looked at) / how wide individuals need to grip the bar / identify weak areas / how to train those areas / common faults / how to max properly.
  • Programming / how we put all this information into a training cycle , day by day , week by week , how to program your week and cycle periods of downloading /overreaching / we will show you where to max out in your program , where to do speed work on your program, how to cycle ready for a show, how to incorporate you own weak points into a program so that all boxes are ticked, we run through each lift as we train it and tell you how to program each lift as we speak about it.
  • Grip training and assistance training / how to train your grip and why / how to use “bodybuilding” exercises , shrugs , rows , lat pull downs , triceps work etc all the aid your main 3 lifts , if you don’t have assistance work in your program and train it hard then you are missing out on progressing your lifts , there are a handful of men who only use the 3 lifts to get stronger and they have been doing this for many years and extremely qualified as a powerlifter, I will show you how to use the assistance work to get significantly stronger.

Once the day is finished I will have time for questions and answers to summarise what I have been through.

The seminar will be from 1pm to 5pm on Saturday 19th September, at a cost of £60. The seminar is open to members and non-members and will be sold on a first come (and paid), first served. We can only offer 20 spaces so don’t miss out!


Koru Gym, Bishop’s Stortford