I was thinking of different ways to title this post but then thought keep it simple and it’ll get your attention, and it obviously has!

We have had an amazing few weeks, with lots of you signing up as members, which shows we must be doing something right. The big bonus for us has been the amount of genuine positive feedback we have received. Honestly, apart from a few minor niggles ( there are now mirrors in the ladies changing room! ) every comment we have had has been positive. Therefore, we’ve decided to use your positivity, and thank you at the same time with a new referral scheme. Very simply, if a member refers someone, who in turn joins up for a direct debit membership, we will pay the member £25! Simple as that! There is no limit on referrals either.

Obviously there are a couple of terms and conditions:

1: Your friend must mention you when they first come in.

2: The £25 won’t be paid until the first direct debit has come out from the new members account, which is normally 14 days after signing up

3: We reserve the right to refuse payment of the £25 referral scheme if you have outstanding balances on your account, have broken gym rules in any way, or we find you to be deceitful in claiming your £25 referral money in any way.

Please ask at reception if you’d like further details.