Sunday 24th March 2019

Novice and Intermediate categories

Payments are non transferable and non refundable.Please pay through PayPal to:

Make sure to include your name, contact number, and T-Shirt size when booking


Log Press ( reps in 60 secs )

Men’s Novice – 80kg, Women’s Novice – 60kg, Men’s Intermediate – 105kg

Conan’s Wheel

Men’s Novice – 150kg, Women’s Novice – 100kg, Men’s Intermediate – 250kg

Truck Pull (25 metres)

10 tonne for all

Car Deadlift

Men’s Novice – 200kg, Women’s Novice – 120kg, Men’s Intermediate – 300kg

Medley ( Farmers walk, Yoke, Sandbag ) Head to Head

Men’s Novice – 80kg – 160kg – 75kg,

Women’s Novice – 50kg – 100kg – 40kg,

Men’s Intermediate – 120kg – 260kg – 100kg


Free for spectators, plenty of food and drink available