We all know, and from an early age that humans aren’t meant to sit down all day. Evolution, and going from knuckle dragging hominids to upright modern homo sapiens, we can be pretty sure, didn’t involve sitting down for 8 hours a day.
We are designed to move, which we learn to do in 6 cool stages as babies……..
1) 0-2 months lift the head up (arch the neck) – see whats going on.
2) 1-3 months lift the body up (arch the back) – see more of whats going on and be able to reach it a bit.
3) 4 – 6 months turn over (rotate our bodies using stomach muscles) – lets us roll over and start to control where we go…..!
4) 7 – 9 months crawling – this is when the fun starts – suddenly they can get to stuff!
5) 8-10 months standing up – a massive step (literally)!
6) 11-13 months walking! – how cool to be able to get to stuff and be independent!
So during this time we develop the brain patterns to control all our movements. We have plenty of mobility (our joints haven’t stiffened up) and we have learnt stability – the ability to control our joints where they should be. We then practice these over and over again, playing, running, jumping endlessly (to parents eternal frustrations), and this gives us the basis for a well controlled, safe future body.
Playing a sport, walking, playing with your dog, children, friends or any activity at all is great exercise. And the more you do, the better. Obviously (god knows!) we don’t have time (or need) to exercise all day (hunting food, dragging it back, fighting neighbours, making stone tools etc as we used to) but if you want to keep your body healthy make sure you find time to do at least a half hours exercise a few times a week. Your body will thank you for it, and your mind will when you’re old and your body still works well