Personal Training

Keith Mullings


Something different! That’s probably how I’d best describe myself. It took me a while to find my calling in life, about 15 years actually, but once I started my training I knew it was the right decision. I’ve spent the time since working with the best people possible to make sure I’m the best I can be. However, it was probably those first 15 years that I spent in business that have enabled me to become the successful trainer that I am today. I know what it’s like to live a busy life, have family commitments, and the strain this can put on your health and fitness levels. I also know how to change your perspective on life so that you can be who you want to be, regardless of the obstacles in the way because I’ve done it myself, and for countless other people since. It’s not easy to turn your life around but it can be done, with determination, and of course my help!




Rich Hutson


I’m a self employed trainer working towards my UKSCA Strength and Conditioning accreditation. I specialise in strength and functional training, postural analysis and corrective techniques, and physical preparation. I have over 8 years of professional experience in the industry, working with clients ranging from weight loss to athletes, as well as 15 years training myself. My knowledge on anatomy and physiology, as well as biomechanics and technique, helps me to assess and understand each client individually and tailor their programmes. This way I can best help them to achieve their goals, whether that be rehabilitating an injury, preparing for a particular sport, or just getting in shape.

With regards to advanced lifting, I have been trained to coach Olympic Lifts by the UKSCA, as well as all key squat, deadlift and press variations, taking into account each individual’s mechanics and posture. I have also competed in, and trained clients towards, Strongman competitions, so if advanced strength techniques are your interest I am more than equipped to help you.


Danny Livings


I have spent time with many clients with a range of goals and the key is working out what works best for them. Taking the goal they have set themselves, looking at where their current fitness levels are, and putting a plan in place in order to achieve it.

I love strength training, and seeing the benefit my clients get from it as well. Its not just about getting the new 1 rep max on a squat or deadlift, its getting someone that has postural imbalances and sorting those out, then teaching the movements, and then seeing that same clients confidence grow.
My focus with training is based around building strength. I have competed in two Strongman Competitions and have set myself the goal to compete again in 2017, and use 2016 to build a solid foundation with all of my lifts. I am also putting aside more time for studying to increase my knowledge with both training and nutrition.






Jesse Henning


From a young age I have been involved in physical culture & fitness, originally coming from a background in martial arts, acrobatics and swimming – in more recent years I have developed a growing passion in the iron sports/strength training which I continue to pursue.

Like many people, when I first became interested in the gym I was pretty overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. With so many different training programmes, diets, exercise gadgets and fads, it’s no surprise that the fitness industry has evolved into one that largely thrives on people’s confusion and prey on the misinformed.

With 2 decades of training experience in various sports disciplines myself, I am still interested in the latest technologies and developments exercise science, but my central focus as a trainer is to be solution based and results driven with an emphasis on simplicity – no secrets, no confusing scientific formulas, no latin words you won’t remember, fancy gadgets or information overload…..just a straightforward and consistent approach to training and nutrition that delivers results.

I am not a loud “Drill Sargent” or boot camp type trainer who will yell or use cheap motivational jargon… goal as a trainer is to build you and help you, not break you down or make you feel inadequate.

Whether the goal is maximizing strength, bodybuilding, body composition/physique, fat loss or conditioning, if you’re an experienced gym goer or a complete newbie – training will reflect your own individual needs and capabilities and not based on the latest exercise trends.


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