Keith Mullings


Something different! That’s probably how I’d best describe myself. It took me a while to find my calling in life, about 15 years actually, but once I started my training I knew it was the right decision. I’ve spent the time since working with the best people possible to make sure I’m the best I can be. However, it was probably those first 15 years that I spent in business that have enabled me to become the successful trainer that I am today. I know what it’s like to live a busy life, have family commitments, and the strain this can put on your health and fitness levels. I also know how to change your perspective on life so that you can be who you want to be, regardless of the obstacles in the way because I’ve done it myself, and for countless other people since. It’s not easy to turn your life around but it can be done, with determination, and of course my help!

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Rich Hutson

As a self-employed Strength and Conditioning Coach, and British Weightlifting Coach. I specialise in strength training, weightlifting, postural analysis and corrective techniques, and physical preparation. I have over 12 years of professional experience in the industry, working with clients ranging from weight loss to athletes, as well as 19 years training myself. My knowledge and experience on anatomy and physiology, as well as biomechanics and technique, helps me to assess and understand each client individually and tailor their training accordingly. This way I can best help them to achieve their goals, whether that be rehabilitating an injury, preparing for a particular sport, or just getting in shape.

With regards to advanced lifting, I have been trained to coach Olympic Lifting, for both athletic performance and for competition, by the British Weightlifting organisation (having completed their highest current coaching level), and the UK Strength and Conditioning Association. I have also been trained by both in all key squat, deadlift and press variations, considering each individual’s mechanics and posture.

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Danny Livings


IMG-20160205-WA0006I have spent time with many clients with a range of goals and the key is working out what works best for them. Taking the goal they have set themselves, looking at where their current fitness levels are, and putting a plan in place in order to achieve it.

I love strength training, and seeing the benefit my clients get from it as well. Its not just about getting the new 1 rep max on a squat or deadlift, its getting someone that has postural imbalances and sorting those out, then teaching the movements, and then seeing that same clients confidence grow.
My focus with training is based around building strength. I have competed in two Strongman Competitions and have set myself the goal to compete again in 2017, and use 2016 to build a solid foundation with all of my lifts. I am also putting aside more time for studying to increase my knowledge with both training and nutrition.

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Andy Scraggs

Andy FlyI’m a nutrition coach, personal trainer and reformed ‘fat-boy’ with over 10 years experience in the industry.

My passion lies with food – whether that’s talking about it, planning it or consuming it! The only thing I enjoy more than nutrition is working with people. Luckily for me I’m able to do both.

A successful nutrition intervention or workout routine MUST take into account the needs of the individual. My skill is listening to and understanding my clients so I can create a plan of action. My aim is to achieve the desired results while making the entire process as doable as possible. This means incorporating the foods and exercises YOU enjoy first and foremost.

I work in person, on the phone, and online to provide the support, guidance and accountability to help clients achieve their goals.

I specialise in fat loss NOT weight loss. This essentially means losing fat while retaining muscle to create a lean athletic physique. Whether that’s guys that want to get ripped or girls that want to be toned – I can help.

I’ve worked with clients across the spectrum:

  • Physique Show Competitors (Achieving single digit body-fat%)
  • Fitness Modelling Photo-shoots (Dieting to low levels of body fat)
  • Wedding / Holiday / Special Occasions (Typically 1-2 stone loss)
  • Long-Term Health Interventions (Those with 2 stone+ to lose)

Since joining the team at Koru I’ve enjoyed working with strength athletes. Putting together nutrition protocols that support intense training schedules and maximise muscle gain is incredibly satisfying – especially when the lift numbers start increasing!

If you’re reading this and think you could benefit from my nutrition expertise I’d love to help.

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Hollie Bullett

You don’t have to be a ‘Gym Nut’ to enjoy working out!
Believe it or not, but joining the Fitness Industry was not what I set out to do! In fact, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do.

I have always struggled with my own weight in the past regardless of the numerous team sports I used to play when I was at school. Most people will recognise me as the fun, chatty, ‘down to earth’ kind of girl from the front desk at Koru Gym but I am also a qualified Personal Trainer, Suspension Fitness Coach and Nutrition Advisor.

I’m pretty adventurous and have done my fair share of travelling the world. It’s that same spirit that makes me determined to try new training techniques to expand my knowledge in the field. Family, Friends and Fitness are my true passions in life and I love to motivate people and see their confidence grow as they achieve their training goals.

Team Bullett welcomes all new members!

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