April 26th, 2017 | general news

Koru Gym’s Yorkshire 3 Peaks walk in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support

Thank you to Koru Gym - Bishops Stortford for raising £3,137 for Macmillan from their Yorkshire 3 Peaks hike! Keith, owner of Koru Gym said: "When I asked the staff at Koru Gym for ideas on which charity to choose to support for 2017, the first suggestion to come through was that of Macmillan, and that was immediately followed by agreements from every staff member. Unfortunately, there are very few people who will not have been affected, in some way, by cancer, and this is certainly the case amongst the staff and members at Koru Gym." "Although Macmillan is a well recognised and respected charity, I still feel that they do not receive the funding and the recognition their work deserves. Our first fundraising event, the Yorkshire 3 Peaks, was described as a 25 mile walk through the beauty of the dales, taking in Yorkshires 3 highest peaks in the process. Easy I thought! Well, it is anything but easy, and I felt the pain of the challenge, as well as the stares of a few of the PT's, who also thought it was slightly more demanding than I had described to them. However, they all completed he challenge, as a team, and with the help of our members and friends raised an amazing amount. Our aim is to raise £10,000 for Macmillan in 2017, so we are well on our way!" Koru Gym, Bishop's Stortford

April 26th, 2017 | Ask Jesse, Blogs

Are you an NHS, Macmillan nurse, or support worker who is interested in Personal Training?

GIVE SOMETHING BACK I know many people complain about the state of our national health service and lack of funding..etc. I for one am grateful for the privilege to live in a society where we have what is by and large a FREE health care system! And why I think it's important to take a certain amount of personal responsibility for maintaining your own health (eating well, regular exercise, getting blood tests done periodically, minimising stress, getting enough sleep, mental health...etc.) the best you can. From personal observations and experience I feel that many don't appreciate just how difficult working in medical professions and medical care really is! and how much I personally admire the people who dedicate themselves in the service of others. From the surgeons and doctors right down to the nurses and support workers. As a very small, rather insignificant, gesture of good will - I offer 25% off all PT sessions (including block bookings and online coaching) for all NHS workers & Macmillan cancer support nurses/workers. This is a permanent fixture to my current pricing and will continue to be. Jesse Henning ----------------------------------- For more information or any questions - please don't hesitate to get in touch. PT sessions available at Koru Gym - Bishops Stortford

March 20th, 2017 | Adam Mace

By all means bring your personality, but leave your ego at the door

You will often find that the gym is comparable to a watering hole on the African plains. Whether male, female, a gym newbie or an old bull, we come together to push iron in perfect harmony – most of the time. Of course, this is until the gym door swings open - enter – your native “ego-lifter”. For the inflated ego has no place in the gym, and the lifters who arrive engulfed by their own do not intend to abide by the rules of the jungle, which ultimately leads to unwanted attention, risk of injury and minimal gains. While there are many insightful quotes around KORU gym, this blog is in reference to “By all means bring your personality, but leave your ego at the door”. If you are unsure as to whom I am referring, here are some tell-tale signs of their presence in your gym.   By definition, ‘ego-lifting’ is the act of pushing too much weight with poor form to impress friends, experienced lifters, or even a potential mate. Having seen videos online they may choose to load every plate in the gym onto the leg press, despite sporting the slender lower body of an antelope. After 15 minutes of recovery and some status updates it’s time to move on to the deadlift. After adjusting his knee straps, elbow straps, wrist straps, wireless Beats by Dre and clinching a belt to its tightest notch, he is ready to load up an impossible lift. He proceeds toRead More

January 2nd, 2017 | general news, Membership

Membership still open!

MEMBERSHIP UPDATE Just a quick update on where we are with membership numbers. We are pretty much full, but have reached the stage where, for various reasons, we lose a couple of members a month. Some of our younger members are off to university, people move away, etc. So, are we still taking members? Yes! How long for? No idea, but please come and have a look around, and a chat. There is still room at, what has rightly become known as, the best gym in the Bishop's Stortford area. Regards Koru Gym , Bishop's Stortford

December 8th, 2016 | general news, Staff

Receptionist Vacancy

We are looking for a new member of our Reception team for a fixed term of up to 12 months maternity cover. As a Receptionist at Koru Gym you play an important role.  We pride ourselves on quality and personal service so we are looking for a confident, proactive individual who can greet our members, promote and sell fitness products, deal with member enquiries and maintain service standards.  In short you must be a real people person with an interest in fitness who is happy to be involved in all aspects of the day to day running of a gym. We're looking for: Strong communication skills Ability to multi task at busy periods Professional and personable manner Attention to detail Excellent customer service skills Team player as shift handover requires a 'one team' mentality   Role responsibilities: Deliver excellent customer service at all times Deal with all enquiries in a professional and courteous manner, in person, on the telephone or via e-mail Keep up to date with current promotions and gym pricing Assist in keeping the gym area and changing rooms clean and tidy at all times Be responsible for evacuation in cases of emergency Maintain personal knowledge by completing in-house training Carry out instructions given by the management team   Term: This is a fixed term contract of up to 12 months beginning January 2017 (date tbc) Hours: 26 hours per week shift work covering three evenings (5pm to 10pm Monday to Wednesday) and two day shifts (9.30am toRead More

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